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We offer service "Made in Germany"!

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More than 600 employees:

More than 600 employees from more than 30 countries reliably and quickly solve the problems of our customers.

Over 20 years:

Since 1996 we have been offering IT services desk services. More than ¾ of our projects have been running for more than 8 years.

300,000 Contacts:

Our IT Service Desk teams process more than 300,000 incoming contacts (calls, mail, web chat) per month.

90% Solution rate:

Our employees solve more than 90% of the problems of our end users with regard to the support portfolio of the respective project.

525600 minutes per year available for you!

We offer independent, customized IT support for companies of all industries making an essential impact to ensure solid IT operation 24/7. Our efficient, fast, flexible and competent support structure ensures fast trouble shooting.
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